Tips And Tricks To Help You Prep Your Toddler For Their First Day Of Preschool


By attending preschool, your toddler has the opportunity to enter kindergarten with a vast vocabulary and better skills in math than other children who hadn't been to preschool. Social experience is yet another benefit of schooling before kindergarten. But it can be tough on both you and your little one when the day comes to leave them at their first day of preschool. Here are some ways you can prep your toddler, and yourself, for a positive experience on that first big day and beyond:

23 March 2015

Helping The Parent Adjust To Preschool


From the first moment that you found out you were expecting, you have been protective. From being selective about what you feed your child to protecting them when they're outside playing, it's the parent's role to be protective. While much discussion is devoted to helping the child adjust to preschool, the road can be just as difficult for the parent. Learning how to balance your naturally protective behavior with still allowing your child to gain some independence is important.

18 March 2015

Childcare For Your Tween


Many people think that once their child starts Kindergarten and public education, they are done with childcare. However, if you cannot clock out from your job until 5:00 pm, you are going to need to think about after school care for your child. Childcare for school-age children is different than care for babies and toddlers. Your ten year old would not appreciate you sending them to a care center where they work on colors, the alphabet and sing "

12 March 2015