Educational Board Games

When I was a kid, my mom hired a sweet elderly lady in our neighborhood to care for me and my sister during the daytime. Over the years, this wonderful woman kept dozens of children at her small home. She was talented at her position. I was never bored. In the mornings, I enjoyed reading a variety of books. During the afternoons, my caretaker played several educational board games with the children she kept. I learned new words, gaming strategies, and teamwork while sitting around her dining room table playing these fun games with other kids. On this blog, you will discover how to incorporate educational board games into your daycare’s schedule.

Tips And Tricks To Help You Prep Your Toddler For Their First Day Of Preschool


By attending preschool, your toddler has the opportunity to enter kindergarten with a vast vocabulary and better skills in math than other children who hadn't been to preschool. Social experience is yet another benefit of schooling before kindergarten. But it can be tough on both you and your little one when the day comes to leave them at their first day of preschool. Here are some ways you can prep your toddler, and yourself, for a positive experience on that first big day and beyond:

Practice Procedures at Home

To minimize separation anxiety and fear of the unknown, get your child used to the daily procedures that take place at your chosen preschool facility before they attend their first day. This can be done by obtaining a schedule of nap times, meal times, and activity types, and then implementing that schedule into your own daily routine at home.

You don't have to follow the schedule precisely – the idea is to introduce your child to a basic routine they'll experience during a typical day of preschool, and help them become familiar with the activities they'll be a part of. So incorporate what you can and don't worry about the rest.

Make a Few Facility Visits

Consider making a few personal visits to the preschool before your toddler's first official whole day, so they can explore the space and get used to the sights and sounds of their surroundings. Consider popping in for lunch a couple of times, or joining in on a special activity that's scheduled on a particular day. Each visit will encourage your child to become comfortable with the environment so they aren't intimidated by it when they attend without you.

Schedule Some Play Dates

It's a good idea to get your toddler used to being with other children when you aren't around so they can develop a sense of independence that will increase their comfort levels on their first day of preschool. Scheduling a handful of play dates in the weeks leading up to the first day of preschool is a great way to do this. Schedule a couple of play dates at your home in exchange for a couple of play dates at other parents' homes and get together with the parents if possible to plan some group activities that can be done during the dates to simulate the preschool experience.

You can also give your child some confidence on their first day of preschool by picking up a new backpack, crayons and pencils, and an outfit just for the occasion. Talk to experts like for more information.


23 March 2015