Educational Board Games

When I was a kid, my mom hired a sweet elderly lady in our neighborhood to care for me and my sister during the daytime. Over the years, this wonderful woman kept dozens of children at her small home. She was talented at her position. I was never bored. In the mornings, I enjoyed reading a variety of books. During the afternoons, my caretaker played several educational board games with the children she kept. I learned new words, gaming strategies, and teamwork while sitting around her dining room table playing these fun games with other kids. On this blog, you will discover how to incorporate educational board games into your daycare’s schedule.

Choosing A Childcare Center That Is Comfortable For You And Your Child


Having a family is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life, and while it would be nice to be home with them all day, every day, it is just not practical for many new families. With both parents having to work these days, it may be necessary to find a childcare center for your son or daughter, and it is important to find one that is a good fit for both of you.

Location Of The Center

Finding a childcare center that is in a location that works for everyone involved is important. In some cases, Mom might drop the kids off, and Dad might be picking them up. If that is the case, the center needs to be in a location that makes that easier to do. On the other hand, there may be a work-based daycare center in your workplace that would allow you to bring the kids to work and take them home when you go. For some parents, this is an ideal situation, but sometimes space can be limited and waiting lists long so check and see if you can get in or at least on the list as soon as you know you need a place for your child.

Considering Child Care Centers

When you start looking at childcare centers, be sure you ask a lot of questions. Things like whether or not there is any education going on there or are the kids just there to play all day. If you have preschool-aged children, you might want them in a class that will start preparing them for Kindergarten so ask about that. If the center does not offer that, you might want to move on to the next option.

Touring The Centers

Once you have found a few centers that you like, visiting the centers is the next step. Take your child with you when you tour a center, so you can see their reaction as well. It is important that they are comfortable there too and the best way to tell, is often by watching the way they act and interact while you are there. If they like the childcare center, the transition from home to daycare will be much easier on them as well as on you. Once you have left the center, ask your child about it and see what they liked about it and what they didn't. They might be more open to talking about it if it is just you and them, with no one else around.

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23 July 2018